Everyone wants his garden to be perfect for which we provide ultimate guide of best, easy, cheap and basic tips for gardening. As below:

–          If watercress is purchased along with roots then the part of watercress can be cut off. Just roots can be planted. After watering, they can be grown without any additional need of pond or stream.

–          Under the rose bushes, banana peel can be buried as they require potassium for their best growth.

–          Nitrogen loving plants for e.g. roses, hydrangeas, camellias etc can be feed up by using coffee grounds. It will give you healthier and good quality plant along with saving your budget that you would otherwise be spending on fertilizers.

–          The flowers of hydrangeas can be turned blue in color if you sprinkle aluminum powder or coffee grounds on the roots of it.

–          You can provide an energy boost to your plants with the help of tea bags and coffee grounds. They will also help you in retaining moisture for your plants. For this purpose, they can be buries as whole, can be sprinkled on the roots of plants or can be cut off so that they could be opened. For potted plants, they can use in intact form for lining the top of plants.

–          Marigolds are very pretty in looks plus they can be easily grown. Grow them as aphids are kept away by them.

–          A small quantity of hydrogen peroxide can be poured on the roots of the plants in case of over watering.

–          Two Tea spoons of dish soap can be used after mixing with enough quantity of warm water in order of getting rid of aphids. Spray the solution directly on leaves underside, affected plants, insects etc.

–          If you want to preserve water in the sprinkler system, drip emitter can be used to replace the heads of sprayer.

–          Pests in the garden can be minimized by using coffee grounds.
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