If you to know about some wonderful caves in our world then today we are presenting ten longest caves on our earth. Hope you like this amazing information about caves.

At Number 10

 Shuanghe Dongqun · China · Guizhou Suiyang

image by brookqi

Longest known cave in China. Total length of explored passages is 119,792 m, maximum depth – 593 m.


At Number 9

 Fisher Ridge Cave System · U.S.A. · Mammoth Cave National Park

image by daniel


At Number 8

 Hoelloch · Switzerland · Schwyz Muotatal

image by jochen

Hölloch Cave is a 198.19 kilometres (123.15 mi) long cave situated between the river Muota and the area of the Pragelpass in the Valley of Muotha in Switzerland.


At Number 7

 Lechuguilla Cave  · U.S.A. · Carlsbad Caverns National Park

image by dave

Lechuguilla Cave  with 134.6 miles (216.6 km) the seventh-longest explored cave in the world.


At Number 6

 Wind Cave· U.S.A. · Wind Cave National Park

image by travel

The cave is also considered a three-dimensional maze cave, recognized as the densest cave system in the world.


At Number 5

 Optymistychna · Ukraine · Ternopil Borshchiv

image by ridna


At Number 4

 Sistema Ox Bel Ha · Mexico · Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve

image by beloshchin

Ox Bel Ha is a cave system in Quintana Roo, Mexico. It is the longest explored underwater cave in the world and ranks fourth including dry caves.


At Number 3

 Jewel Cave · U.S.A. · Jewel Cave National Monument

image by eric

Jewel Cave National Monument contains Jewel Cave, currently the third longest cave in the world, with just over 157 miles (253 kilometers) of mapped passageways. It became a national monument in 1908.[]


At Number 2

Sistema Sac Actun / Sistema Dos Ojos · Mexico · Tulum

image by dag
Dos Ojos  system cave is 82 kilometers (51 mi) and there are 28 known sinkhole entrances, which are locally called cenotes.[]


At Number 1

Mammoth Cave System · U.S.A. · Mammoth Cave National Park

image by daniel

Mammoth Cave developed in thick Mississippian-aged limestone strata capped by a layer of sandstone, making the system remarkably stable.

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