When we talk about some theme park we imagine fun, rides, animals, games, roller coasters. It’s all about enjoying amazing rides and having fun. Here is the list of 10 most weird theme parks in our world.

At Number 10

Napoleonland, Montereau-Fault-Yonne, France


We bet there won’t be any height restrictions on the rides at Napoleonland, a park designed in honor of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. It will be “fun for the family”. This park just south of Paris is not scheduled to open until 2017.


At Number 9

Diggerland, England (Kent, Devon, Durham, Yorkshire)


Diggerland is the name of four theme parks in England based around the theme of diggers and JCBs. Diggerland is owned by the excavator hire firm H.E. Services.


At Number 8

The Holy Land Experience, Orlando, Florida


The Holy Land Experience is a themed exhibit and a museum located in Orlando, Florida that is meant to replicate the architecture and themes of 1st century Israel. The attraction is targeted at Christians.


At Number 7

Zero Gravity, Dallas, Texas


Come to Dallas’ Zero Gravity amusement park, where for just $32.99, you can experience a ride so terrifying that it has been used by scientists to simulate what a near-death experience is like.


At Number 6

BonBon-Land, Holme Olstrup, Denmark


For kids and 13-year-olds at heart, BonBon-Land offers thrills, spills, and … potty humor. With rides named The Farting Dog and Skid Mark Roller-coaster, you might lose your lunch before you even climb aboard.


At Number 5

Divo Ostrov (Wonder Island), St. Petersburg, Russia


Deep in the woods outside St. Petersburg lies an opposite-of-fun fair: a ride seemingly designed to make riders vomit on themselves. Named the Wind Shear, the ride turns clockwise on one side and counterclockwise on the other half.


At Number 4

World Joyland, Changzhou, China


Unconcerned with things like copyright laws, Changzhou’s World Joyland park has all the fun of well-known video games—with none of the expense that comes from licensing names.


At Number 3

Dickens World, Kent, England


What book screams “fun and theme park” to you? No, it’s not Harry Potter, it’s the uplifting tale of an orphan, a criminal, a depressed spinster, and an emotionally abused child.


At Number 2

Creation Museum, Petersburg, Kentucky


Tell the kids you’re taking them to see Men in Black this summer as a special treat, and then secretly bring them to Kentucky’s Creation Museum for Men in White instead.


At Number 1

Kingdom Of The Little People, Kunming, China


This theme park wins the spot on our list for “most offensive.” In 2009 a Chinese entrepreneur decided to open a theme park of dwarves, hiring more than 100 little people to staff the place. Visitors are supposed to shell out around $9 to watch little people put on shows (like Swan Lake) and apparently check their moral decency at the door.


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